Mayor Sylvester Turner has selected 49 people to serve on the City’s first Mayor’s LGBT Advisory Board.  The number of board members is meant to be a symbolic nod to the 49 victims of The Pulse massacre in Orlando.

The board consists of a diverse representation of the Houston LGBT community.  The racial makeup of the board is 21 Anglos, 12 African American, 13 Hispanics and 3 Asians.  There are 26 gays, 13 lesbians, eight Transgender including two Intersex, one Bisexual and one parent of a Transgender child.  The gender breakdown is 21 females and 28 males.

“It was important to me to make this announcement before the end of Pride month,” said Mayor Turner.  However, let me be clear, our support for the LGBT community is not ending.  We are standing with Orlando today and we will be standing with them tomorrow.  In Houston, we fight hate with love and inclusion.  There is much work to be done and I can’t wait to get going.”

The board will serve as a direct link between the mayor’s office and the LGBT community, providing advice and recommendations on issues.  Due to the board’s size, the mayor anticipates there will be a committee structure. Board chair and co-chair are Lou Weaver and Melaine Pang, respectively.  Weaver is with Equality Texas and Pang works for the Salvation Army.


Click here for the full announcement & list.

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