Saturday night at Fitzgerald’s, nine local bands will come together to raise money for Gender Infinity, a Houston-based charity organization working to provide support to the area’s transgender community. Each band will be playing a cover set of a more well-known act, with local favorites Another Run playing a Foo Fighters Set; Middlechild as the Pixies; Moji as Janet Jackson; thelastplaceyoulook as Taylor Swift; and so on. Each $10 entry fee will be matched by Pegstar in an attempt to try and raise $10,000 for the Houston-based organization.

The city of Houston is currently at a crucial point in history as it votes this November. Voters must decide whether to accept the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance originally passed by city council last year, but which the Texas Supreme Court ruled must be put to a citywide vote. The bill’s purpose is to protect an individual’s race, age, military status, sexual orientation and gender identity against discrimination in employment and public places; as the country’s fourth-largest city, Houston’s decision will surely have ramifications for other areas in the region.


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