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Joaquin may only be 8 but he had a death grip on the microphone, a message, and a mission. He told Houston’s Mayor and the packed city council chambers that he cared about his sister so much he wanted her to have a good life and that he believed the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) was a step in that direction. HERO protects citizens from discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations, including veterans, the aged, and transgender individuals like his sister.

Joaquin’s sibling, Sammy, age 9, was assigned “male” at birth, but robustly asserted being a girl as soon as she was old enough to say it, despite efforts and influences from her family and community. Their mother, Terry, desperately sought resources to help her child be a “normal boy” like Joaquin, but her efforts didn’t make a dent.

Like many transgender and gender non-conforming children, it didn’t matter what toys or clothes she was given or what was taken away, or that she has XY chromosomes and a penis. Most boys who like stereotypical “girls’ things” know they are boys inside, but it is profoundly different for transgender children. Joaquin’s sister knew inside she was a girl.


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