Family Gatherings

Gender Infinity is a volunteer-operated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Beginning in 2015, the Family Gatherings came together out of the need for families to commune more often than once a year at the annual conference. Our first gathering was hosted at the offices shared by founding members and we quickly outgrew the space. As we’ve grown and our needs have changed, we’ve seen a few different hosts. In 2019 we found our new home in Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church.

Gender Infinity Family Gatherings are quarterly gatherings for family and friends of Trans and Gender Expansive youth ages 4 to 21.

At Family Gatherings, adult family members, both new and familiar with this journey, get together and share their experiences in facilitated discussion groups. Teen+ youth can expect a similar group but in a youth-friendly environment with games and activities mixed in. For Tweens, the program is reversed. We focus on games and activities and mix in some discussion. And for Littles, the afternoon is simply a time for them to play with kids just like them. Just as all adult family is welcome, same/similar age siblings, cousins, and friends are welcome in the youth groups.

If you’re a TGE adult over 21 and feel left out, don’t! We’re always looking for volunteers for the youth groups and would love to give them as many role models as possible.

Family Gatherings will take place from 1pm-3pm on a scheduled Saturday. Be sure to like us on Facebook to keep up with the events.

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