Gender Infinity Spring 2019

Family and Sleep Away Camp

May 10-12, 2019

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When, Where and Who

Our Spring 2019 camp will take place the weekend of May 10-12, 2019 and is being held at an established camp between Austin and Houston (the location is being kept private for safety reasons and will be released to families who register).

The camp will include transgender and gender expansive children and their siblings (age 3-18) and adult family members.  Children 12 and older can attend by themselves and stay in a cabin with camp counselors (or attend with their family).  At least one parent/primary caregiver must attend camp with children under 12.  For children 12+ attending without a parent, we will provide optional transportation to the camp (for an additional fee) from a central Houston drop-off location.  All children must be picked up from camp by an authorized adult on Sunday, May 12th no later than 12:30 pm.  A Mother’s Day lunch will be served on Sunday at noon, parents picking up children can stay for lunch for an additional $7.50 fee.

The cabins are climate controlled and sleep 12-14 each. Every cabin has its own bathroom and shower area.  Children age 10 and over will have the option of staying with their family or sleeping in a youth cabin (with parent approval of course).  Youth cabins will have at least two counselors. Family cabins will be shared and are gender neutral.  

What Will We Do?

The camp will include many of the things you hope for when you think of camp: swimming, fishing, crafts, horseback riding, games, obstacle courses and more.  We also have a few special surprises planned for everyone!!!

Children ages 6 and older can participate in any of the scheduled activities.  Children ages 3-5 can participate in some activities, but will require parent supervision.

We will have some special programming just for parents.


The camp registration fees covers housing, all meals/snacks/beverages and programming (families must arrange for transportation and bring their own bedding and toiletries).

Early Registration Fees (through April 17, 2019): Late Registration (starting April 18, 2019):
Adults (18+) & Children (Age 10-18) in Youth Cabin $159.00 $189.00
Children (Age 3-18) in Family Cabin $129.00 $159.00

*Scholarships are available (limit 2 per family) – please submit your request and register no later than April 17th.

** Registration Fees are 95% refundable through April 17, 2019 and 75% refundable through May 2, 2019.

Why This Camp Was Created

There are many benefits to the camp experience, from getting outdoors and making new friends to growing more independent and becoming more confident. But many transgender and gender expansive kids do not have this opportunity. The transgender community is under attack and none more so than gender creative youth and the families who support them. With the advent of bathroom bills, social media attacks, bullying and society’s general misunderstanding of what it means to be transgender most trans kiddos cannot safely attend camp

This is why camps specially designed for these children are so important. At these camps, children can just be children and have fun.  Prior to the creation of this camp in November 2018 there was no established camp for gender expansive, transgender and intersex kids in the Southern United States.  But now there is!  And since our first camp was so successful we are excited to announce our Spring 2019 Family and Sleep Away Camp.

Sponsor a Camper and Keep Camp Affordable

Many families that most need the support and reprieve offered by a camp of this sort cannot afford it.  We need your help to sponsor children who would not otherwise be able to attend and keep the cost of camp reasonable.

To keep this camp affordable we are asking families to consider a donation.